National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day 2017

Today is National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day on this, the 75th anniversary of the Fall of Bataan in the Philippines, 1942.  President Donald J. Trump issued a proclamation for this day, which is viewable at:

A number of American Airmen shot down over Osaka became POWs in World War II.  This included B-29 crews, USAAF fighter pilots as well as US Navy/Marine Corps aviators.  Unfortunately a number of them were executed as well.

There were also a number of American servicemen from other battles of the war who were kept as POWs in eight separate camps in/around Osaka.   See image at:

Information on Osaka Cam #1 at:

There is no handy list of all the B-29s, Mustang fighters or Navy aircraft lost in the vicinity of Osaka and surviving crew members taken captive with ultimate fate, nor of those POWs in Osaka camps and how many of them survived their POW and wartime Osaka (e.g. aerial bombing) experience.  Perhaps someday when this web log writer has the time to research it more of this picture around Osaka will be visible.

So there is a POW story yet to be told for Americans in Osaka, and their service and sacrifice worth discovering, remembering and honoring.

On this National Former POW Recognition Day, 2017, let us render a hand salute to those who served and sacrificed as a POW for our country.  These former captives deserve our recognition and appreciation.

P.S.  Regrets to all readers for the absence of new material in recent months.  A sudden family health crisis required priority attention and still does, so updates will likely be slow for the foreseeable future.  But if you have found this web log, please do look through all the material posted already and you will surely find something else that is interesting.

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